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The Cherokee County Detention Center is 150-bed facility that houses individuals awaiting trial and inmates serving their sentences. The facility has separate juvenile, female, and male pods. It also features an in-house medical division to provide inmates with health services. The head of the Detention Center is Major Shon Crisp. His second-in-command is Captain Marty White who assists him in handling the scheduling, budget, planning, inmate commissary, and fiscal management.

How to Send Mail or Package

Inmates housed in the Cherokee County Detention Center are allowed to receive mail. All incoming mail is inspected for contraband. Any inappropriate mail is returned to the sender. All incoming mail is required to have the sender’s full name and return address. Photos are acceptable provided that there are no more than 3 at a time. To send mail to inmates, it must be addressed in the following manner:

Inmate’s Name (as it appears on wristband)
577 Regal Street
Murphy, NC 28906

Family and friends can send funds to an inmate using money orders or cashier’s checks through mail. They should be made payable to the name given when the inmate was booked. The inmate’s date of birth as well as the sender’s name and address must also be written on the face of the money order or cashier’s check. Funds can also be deposited into an inmate’s Trust Fund Account online through the Jpay website or over the phone by calling 800-574-5729.

Visitation Hours

Inmates housed in the Cherokee County Detention Center are allowed visitation. Each inmate can have an unlimited number of visits per day, though this would depend on the volume of visitors at the time. Visitation is held 24 hours a day, 7 days a wek. A log of the visits will be kept by the control tower. Keep in mind that the Sheriff’s Office has the discretion to cancel visitation at any time.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office maintains an online database of all inmates currently housed in the detention center. The list is arranged alphabetically based on last names. Each inmate has a profile that contains his/her complete name, mugshot, age, race, sex, admission date, vital statistics, address, confining agency, charges, and bond amount.

The Sheriff’s Office also posts its Top 10 Most Wanted list online. If you have information on any of the people on this list, please get in touch with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at 828-837-2589, via email at [email protected], or by dialing 911.

Cherokee County Sheriff Information

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing various law enforcement services. These include enforcing laws, crime prevention, investigating criminal activity, serving subpoenas, and apprehending suspects. The head of the CCSO is Sheriff Derrick Palmer. You can get in touch with him directly by calling 828-837-2589 Ext. 1401 or via email at [email protected].

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Address:
577 Regal Street, Murphy, NC 28906

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Phone Number:

Cherokee County is located in the southwestern corner of North Carolina. It is bordered by Tennessee in the west and Georgia in the south. The county seat is Murphy while the largest town is Andrews. Based on the 2021 census, it has an estimated population of 29,167. The total area of the county is 467 square miles.

2018 Annual Average Violent Crimes: 53
Data Source: North Carolina County Health Rankings

Inmate Record Check

Get All Local Arrest Information

Cherokee County Public Records Information

Copies of public records are available to the public in Cherokee County. Requests for copies of public documents from the Sheriff’s Office can be made online by filling out the form below.

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