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The Ashe County Detention Center is a state-of-the-art jail housing individuals who have been charged with crimes and awaiting trial or serving sentences. The facility has a total of 160 beds which is divided into 7 housing units. Detention Captain Linda Carrow oversees the daily operations of the facility. There are 28 detention officers assigned to maintain the safety and security of the inmates 24/7.

How to Send Mail or Package

Inmates housed in the Ashe County Detention Center may receive mail as long as they are sent through the US Post Office. The letter must be addressed to the inmate in the following manner:

Inmate John Doe {insert inmate’s complete name here}
Ashe County Detention Center
140 Government Circle
Jefferson, NC 28640

Please note that letters should not include any staples or paper clips, photographs, magazines, crafts, or drawings/markings of nudity.

Inmates at this facility are also allowed to receive funds to avail of commissary items. Money can be deposited in person to an inmate’s commissary account using the ATM machine located at the Detention Center lobby. Deposits can also be made online using In addition, family members can send a US Postal Service money order made payable to the inmate via mail. The address to send the mail to is:

Ashe County Detention Center
140 Government Cir.
Jefferson, NC 28640

Visitation Hours

Inmates confined in the Ashe County Detention Center are allowed to visit with family members through the HomeWAV video visitation system. Visits can be done on-site on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 4:30pm using the kiosks in the lobby of the detention center. Each inmate is allowed two free 15-minute visits every weekend. The visits need to be scheduled ahead of time on the HomeWAV website. Visitors need to be at the Ashe County Detention Center 10 minutes before the scheduled time slot.

Family members of inmates can also choose to visit them remotely. This service costs $0.50 per minute. Paid visits can be scheduled from 7am to 10:30pm any day of the week. Please note that all visits are recorded and monitored live by the staff to ensure that it remains safe and appropriate.

Inmate Record Check

Get All Local Arrest Information

Ashe County Sheriff Information

The Ashe County Sheriff’s Office is the chief law enforcement agency in the county. It is responsible for providing general law enforcement, communications, civil process and court services, and detention services to the citizens of the county. The ACSO is headed by Sheriff B. Phil Howell. The Chief Deputy is Danny K. Houck who serves as second-in-command, helping the Sheriff oversee the day-to-day operations of the different departments within the agency. The staff consists of 37 law enforcement deputies, 26 detention officers, 16 detention kitchen staff members, 15 telecommunicators, 5 administrative staff members, and 3 transportation specialists.

Ashe County Sheriff’s Office Address:
140 Government Circle, Jefferson, NC 28640

Ashe County Sheriff’s Office Phone Number:
(336) 846-5633

Ashe County can be found in the northwestern corner of North Carolina. Its county seat is Jefferson. The county’s population is 26,711 according to the 2021 census. The total area of Ashe county measures 429 square miles.

2018 Annual Average Violent Crimes: 21
Data Source: North Carolina County Health Rankings

Ashe County Public Records Information

The Records Manager of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for processing civil papers, preparing incident reports and case files, and processing warrants and arrest data. If you wish to inquire about making a request for copies of public records from the Sheriff’s Office, you may get in touch with Tammy Jones at 336-846-5609 or via email [email protected].

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