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South Rosemary North Carolina Police Station Information

South Rosemary is rated a B+ for crime and safety because of its lower than average crime rate. The overall crime rate of the city is lower than the national average by 36%. In fact, only 49% of the cities in the US are considered safer than South Rosemary. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime is 1 in 67. In addition, the city’s total year over year crimes has decreased by 3%.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the community of South Rosemary. It is made up of several divisions and units such as Administrative Services, Uniform Patrol, Criminal Investigations, and Narcotics. The Administrative Services Division is responsible for performing daily routine tasks that enable the entire agency to operate efficiently and effectively. The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for investigating crimes such as fraud, assault, homicides, sex crimes, and property crimes. The Narcotics Unit is responsible for investigating narcotics violations, illegal alcohol sales, gambling, prostitution, and other illegal vices. The Uniform Patrol Division is responsible for conducting daily patrols in areas under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office. The deputies also respond to all calls for service, conduct traffic enforcement activities, and serve civil and criminal papers. The head of the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is Sheriff Tyree Davis.

South Rosemary Police Department Address:
355 Ferrell Lane
Halifax, NC 27839

South Rosemary Police Department Phone Number:

Records Request and Mugshots in South Rosemary North Carolina

Copies of police reports from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office are available upon request. The Administrative Services Division is responsible for maintaining all records generated by the agency. If you wish to obtain a copy of a police report, please visit the Sheriff’s office at 355 Ferrell Lane in Halifax, North Carolina. For more information, you can call 252-583-8201.

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in South Rosemary, North Carolina

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office does not provide information on active warrants online. If you want to inquire about a specific warrant, you can visit the Sheriff’s Office at 355 Ferrell Lane. You can also call 252-583-8201 for information.

South Rosemary North Carolina Information

South Rosemary is a census-designated place (CDP) that can be found in Halifax County. This unincorporated area has a total population of 2,753 based on the 2020 census. It has a total area of 6.13 square miles.

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