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Pleasant Garden North Carolina Police Station Information

As of August 2022, there are 13 registered sex offenders living in Pleasant Garden. The ratio of sex offenders to residents is 367 to 1.

Pleasant Garden is rated a B- for crime and safety because of its lower than average crime rate. The overall crime rate of the city is lower than the national average by 22%. In fact, 58% of the cities in the US are considered safer than Pleasant Garden. The chances of becoming a victim of a crime is 1 in 55. In addition, the city’s total year over year crimes has decreased by 3%.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services to the town of Pleasant Garden. It is made up of several bureaus and divisions including Detention and Court Service, Field Operations, Special Operations, and County Security. The Detention and Court Services Bureau is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the detention facilities, the transportation of inmates, and court security. The Operations Bureau consists of three patrol districts. The District 3 Office is responsible for patroling the town of Pleasant Garden. It also handles all investigations of crimes in the area such as burglary, fraud, theft, assaults, and juvenile criminal offcenses. The head of the District 3 Sheriff’s Office is Captain Y. Sansour. He can be reached directly via email at [email protected].

Pleasant Garden Police Department Address:
211 Hillstone Drive
Jamestown, NC 27282

Pleasant Garden Police Department Phone Number:
(336) 641-6691

Records Request and Mugshots in Pleasant Garden North Carolina

Copies of police reports generated by the District 3 Office are available upon request. To submit a request, you can visit the satellite office at 211 Hillstone Drive in Jamestown, North Carolina. You can also inquire about making a request by calling (336) 641-6691. You can also obtain a copy online by searching the Police to Citizen web portal. To locate a report, you can enter the address, case number, date, and/or name of the person involved in the incident.

County Sheriff, Warrant, Most Wanted Information in Pleasant Garden, North Carolina

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office does not provide information on warrants online. If you want to inquire about a warrant, you can contact the District 3 Office at (336) 641-6691. You can also call the main office at (336) 641-3694.

Pleasant Garden North Carolina Information

Pleasant Garden is a town located in Guilford County. Based on the 2020 census, its total population is 5,000. The total area of the town is 15.16 square miles. The current mayor of Pleasant Garden is Dean Maddox. He can be reached directly by calling (336) 202-7914 or via email at [email protected].

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